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Quiddly Platform

Quiddly's platform is a powerful tool for financial-service companies who offer invoicing-, factoring- or debt-collection services. The platform aims to automate and support your operations enabling your company to manage more business with less effort. It includes multiple user-interfaces, an API, and supporting services.

Cloud Native

The platform has a cloud native architecture and is built for Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Accessible Services

Quiddly will use the partner's domain. The platform includes a load balancer and ingress controller. The platform consists of the following accessible services.

API (Backend)

Quiddly Platform API is responsible for all business-logic. It is at the core of our solution and is responsible for triggering of internal asynchronous as well as external (integration) tasks. The Operations Portal, Client Portal, Debtor Portal and connected functionality are all powered by the API. Most of the developer documentation will be about your interactions with the API.

Operations Portal (User Interface)

Google Cloud IAP connected

The Operations Portal is where your operations team will do their work. The actions and functions of this portal are too extensive to list here. But, in summary it provides a workflow for the invoicing process, balancing control and automation to enable your operations team to run smoothly.

Client Portal (User Interface)

The Client Portal is where your customers will work. Any customer can sign-in to manage their invoices in this modern UI. It's functions include: invoice management, account management, user management, status overviews, factoring requests, triggers for importing invoices from your ERP system, customizations to debtor portal and more.

Debtor Portal (User Interface)

The Debtor Portal gives the receiver of an invoice access to their invoice information. Beyond this, it offers part payment on the invoice and the use of alternative payment methods. The Debtor Portal look and feel is customizable to match the tenant or clients wanted styles.