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Quiddly's core API-service provide a multitude of endpoints and follows the REST architectural style. It is at the center of our platform and is connected directly or indirectly to all other services. Authentication is required for API access. Beyond authentication, the API has an internal permissions' logic for correctly limiting a users data-access and ability to trigger specific actions.


The domain name for your instance of the Quiddly API service is customizable. The default name is e.g.

API Documentation

Developer and Reference Documentation

There is an API reference documentation bundled with your api-service, for development and testing purposes.

Here in the Developer Portal you will find guides and documentation on the most important API endpoints.

With your API there is an auto-generated bare-bone API Reference Documentation. This document is useful when developing and includes testing capabilities. This is available on <API URL>/docs e.g. We have tried to limit this documentation to endpoints relevant to integration, automation or data-collection.